North Shore… Hawaii

Words can not describe what a majical treasure this place is, I’m upset I waited as long as I did to explore this wonderful island. I will most certainly be returning. Thanks to Rod and Jess and my beautiful bride to be Sofia… Mahalo! 

Days off…

more and more days off are full of grilling sitting by the pool and hanging with the famil, life is good and I’m glad to be able to share it with some great people!  



As the first leg of my European vacation winds down, once again I’ve had a wonderful time in Germany and the city of Darmstadt. Iron Monkey is the spot for your tattoos and Erik and his staff always take great care of the customers and me. Love you guys can’t wait to see you again. On to England…








Oh Yeeeeah

I feel one of the more difficult tattoos to make are the ones you put on your friends. Every tattoo I do I give everything possible to make it the coolest tattoo I’ve ever done. The difference is that unlike most customers who you only see at the shop, your friends you see on a daily bases and you’ll always want to see the tattoo and I always think of what I could have made better or things I could have done differently. In the end it’s pretty cool to be able to tattoo your friends. To my friends that I shit on, my bad… On to my friend Anthony’s new tattoo.


Love Hate Asheville

When to Asheville North Carolina last week to help support my brother Ami in the opening of his new shop, not only was it one of the coolest city’s I’ve ever visited but it was a great reunion of friends from all our shops. One of the best weekends of my life. So glad I was able to be a part of it. If you’re in the Asheville North Carolina area I suggest you check it out
Love Hate Social Club
37 Wall Street
Asheville North Carolina