Oh Yeeeeah

I feel one of the more difficult tattoos to make are the ones you put on your friends. Every tattoo I do I give everything possible to make it the coolest tattoo I’ve ever done. The difference is that unlike most customers who you only see at the shop, your friends you see on a daily bases and you’ll always want to see the tattoo and I always think of what I could have made better or things I could have done differently. In the end it’s pretty cool to be able to tattoo your friends. To my friends that I shit on, my bad… On to my friend Anthony’s new tattoo.


Self Made!

Today was a little slow at the shop, people gearing up for Xmas and whatnot. At the request of Jess Leppard I stood in and got to model my good friends shirts for the shop Instagram, Luke is a great tattooer and a person who lives life by a simple creed, work hard and earn what you get. From this his “self made” motto has developed and is prominently displayed thru out his clothes line. Ck him out on twitter, Instagram or his website Luke Wessman